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People! We are approaching a new year… (If you weren’t aware) We are 2 days away from turning into a whole blank new page ….or not at all. However you approach the coming of a new year (New year, New Me..or NOT)      I’ll have to admit that this is the time where we look back at what 2017 was…and perhaps ask ourselves what the hell did I do? or also say WHAT A FREAKING AMAZING YEAR! (At least that is what I am saying)

I don’t really know where I am headed with this post, but it’s 7:56 and it’s the last Friday of 2017, and I feel like expressing myself. (Feel me?) So if you are reading this, welcome to what goes on in my head.

All I could say is I am thinking back about what this 2017 has been and it’s been pretty amazing.   Looking back at 2017 –>

  • I’ve traveled to many places. (Travel is life)
  • I graduated college. (Welcome to adult life Domenica)
  • I got a job. (Welcome to adult life Domenica)
  • I’ve met amazing people. (Positive vibes only)
  • I’ve made amazing memories. (Life is all about them)
  • I’ve accomplish many of my #Goals. (Yes, I was able to cross most of them out.)
  • I’ve learned a lot from everything and everyone. (Learn something new every day)

Most importantly…I’ve LIVED.

So what do I want for this new year? Ideally World Peace would be the main goal, but that would be a perfect world…

Instead we need to start small, but small still makes a huge impact. & what I am about to tell you has nothing to do with world peace, it has to do (& starts) directly with ourselves.

I tend to observe people and try understanding each one of us, and let me tell you: We are all pretty freaking UNIQUE.  Reason why we are all beautiful.

How do we start? How do I start?

  • Reminding myself that I am living the best gift of all — LIFE. I am alive (I think most of the time we forget about it.) We are alive people!! Most people tend to fall into a life of routine (we all do) but there are always ways of changing that…unless you are okay with routine then keep it. But routine does not work for me…
  • Remind yourself that you are PRESENT, you have so many things to be happy for.  (These little things such as having a bed to sleep in, a roof above your head, food to eat, eyes to see…I could keep going..but you get the point? The little things that we tend to forget about!)
  • Thankful, happy and passionate people are the ones that are actually LIVING. It is so beautiful when you meet people that transmit positive energy and at the same time make you realize and kinda wake you up and say “Wow you are so right! I need to start living too…”
  • Once you’ve mastered what I said before you’ll realize and say- WOW! I am pretty freaking lucky and blessed. You’ll look around and you’ll keep repeating that to yourself because I mean let’s be real…look around right now, what do you see? YUP, same here.  (I am blessed)

Okay peeps, I know I’ve kinda jumped around with this post but I also want to share my go-to advice for this year —>

  • No te ahogues en un vaso de agua.
  • Fight hard for what you want to accomplish and what you want to have..You have the ability to make it happen.
  • FOCUS and do not allow the stupid little things to make you lose track of where you are headed.
  • Do not let anyone pressure you into doing something you do not want. It’s your own freaking life..
  • Take care of yourself
  • LOVE yourself first
  • Go out there and do what YOU love
  • Do not intoxicate people with bad energy
  • Spread positive energy

To conclude with this post –I’ll tell you what I’ll do: I will always follow my passion, spread positive energy, learn, grow, interact, fight hard for what I want, make things happen, express love, and overall MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT.

Lastly, you are the author of your own life, why not make it the best most epic and awesome story of them all? RIGHT?!

2018 I am ready for you…We are ready for you!

Now go out there and live 🙂




The Accessories You Need For Fall…..& Winter.


  • Forget only keeping these around for fall take them all the way through Winter too!

Número Uno: 

  • Burgundy Wool Beret–Bought this from a street vendor in Paris.
  • Black & Burgundy Fedoras: @Forever21

Inspo Below: 

Número Dos:

  • Black Mini Backpack: @Zara
  • Brand to keep in mind for more: @Kara     img_4567

    Número Tres:

  • Bag with unique straps: @Zara
  • Brand that is killing the #bag&straps game: @Coach

    Número Cuatro: 


  • This style was inspired by the one & only @kelsey_mcfly from Net-A-Porter.
  • Most of these came from my mom’s closet. Vintage #FTW
  • Others are from: @Mango, @Zara, @Jcrew

    Número Cinco: 

  • Why I am loving them? It is the essential neutral color you need on your feet.
  • My preference– Pointed toe & skinny heel.
  • Get them: @Express; I’ve seen more: @Topshop @Zara
  • Some of my favorite looks: 

    Número Seis: 

  • You can never go wrong with a pair of heeled black booties.
  • Why I’m loving this specific model? Satin Stretch Boots— Stylish, comfortable and they add a little luxe to any ensemble.
  • The block heel is definitely a +++
  • Get them: @Express, @PublicDesire

New York Fashion Week has officially began. NYFW-#IWantItAll





Because it is only right,

Leet’s bring it back to my first experience working NYFW….

It all began summer 2015; where I set a goal to myself: To get an internship in the fashion, and public relations industry…If you didn’t know -I love fashion and every aspect of it.

I started to research and started applying to internships for the Fall’15. Applied to over 10, including Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Alice + Olivia, FactoryPR, Veronica Beard and others.

I finally got an offer from Veronica Beard around August.  I got hired as a Sales and Public Relations intern. I was PSYCHED! 

I started interning in September, I commuted 2 days a week to Chelsea in NYC. My day started by waking up at around 5AM to get ready and be able to make it to take the NJTransit bus at around 7:30-8. I arrived at Port Authority at around 8:45-8:30,  and rushed to take the Subway towards 14th street.  From 14th street I would walk to the office where I started my day with the lovely ladies from Veronica Beard; each one unique and awesome in their own way. I worked directly with the PR Director as well as the Sales Team.

My days included: casting models for the next photoshoots, organizing the sample closet and showroom, researching new trends for upcoming campaigns, keeping up with the new collections, helping out the sales team with their own projects, market week, helping out the e-commerce team with photoshoots, inventories, running errands around the city, researching bloggers, coordinating events, preparation for NYFW, guests lists, credentials, messengers…I could just keep going!

Each day was something new, and interesting. I learned SO MUCH about what really goes on in the fashion industry, I met amazing people, & I even became friends with models!!

I took each day as a new opportunity and learning experience where I gave it my all.

When that first week of September arrives  all the fashion lovers know its their favorite time of the year:NYFW! With the arrival of NYFW; as a public relations intern a whole new level of a “Fast Paced Environment”  begins, you really see the FAST here. The VB PR Director does an amazing job at preparing everything and getting the best people to run a smooth and perfect presentation.

The day of the presentation starts VERY early, and let me tell you something..you better have coffee and eat a good breakfast because you will need energy for the whole day.

As soon as I walked in to the office everyone had a role assigned; last minute deliveries, setting up the music, making sure everything is set to go into the venue. Once we arrived at the venue it is all about making sure the venue is perfect, and making sure the models arrive on time.

Once the models have arrived, they need to go get their hair and makeup ready as the team prepares their outfits. Once they are ready they can’t eat they have to keep their outfits perfect.. so that’s when I came in –I had to take care of the models and make sure they won’t get the outfit dirty (some listened, some didn’t–But I tried my best!)

Once everything was set up, the presentation was ready to start. Photographers, press and guest arrived. The VB Spring collection was absolutely beautiful (as usual).

Seeing it all come to live was such an amazing feeling 🙂  There it was my first NYFW experience. I ended the day with such an amazing feeling of satisfaction. One more of my goals accomplished & definitely one for the books!

I hope I gave you a good insight of my first NYFW experience, and to all of you who are in the process of getting there:  Always give it your all, always be open to helping out the team, and lastly enjoy every second of it.

Check out some behind the scenes from the presentation.





(If you missed it….Check out more behind the scenes!)






Thought Of The Day

People Come & Go
Remember–the only people you should be worrying about are the people that make a positive impact in your life, the ones that put effort to be present in your life and lastly the ones that laugh at your jokes.

Am I right peeps?



Travel Diaries- Paris je t’aime



Bonjour Paris,

This year for my last spring break as a college student I decided I needed to do something different; something that will fulfill my travel bug and open my mind to new different things, places & cultures.

Therefore, back in December I purchased a round trip ticket to Madrid-Spain for ten days. Why Madrid? I figured I have some friends & family that live there, and were willing to accommodate me for a couple of days…… & I mean Madrid? Spain? It has been a dream of mine to visit Spain (La Madre Patria).

I did some research and realized there are so many options for me to explore and decided 10 days were enough for me to do more than one city or more than one country-therefore, I decided to visit one of the most dreamiest and romantic cities in the world Paris; it has been the number one place that I’ve had in mind since I was a little girl and I said to myself this is the year to make it all happen!

Booked my flight to Paris, did some more research & decided that Barcelona was the other best option (booked it too) and therefore my last stop would be Madrid (p.s. it wasn’t-) You are wondering wasn’t Madrid supposed to be her last stop?

I “unfortunately” lost my connecting flight to NYC from London….& so I got an extra night in the lovely city of London (Definitely not complaining about that!)

All booked Paris, Barcelona & Madrid. (My friend Melina jumped into this adventure with me) As the days came closer to catch my flight it became more real and so I departed March 9th.

Let’s start with the first place– Paris, France

We arrived there Friday afternoon. We took a cab that took us to our Airbnb located right next to the Galleries Lafayette (perfect location & place) we stopped at a little coffee place and ate our first authentic croissant with a yummy cappuccino! Let me just tell you something, you will never taste or eat a better croissant than the ones you get in France.

We got all comfortable and set into our beautiful little studio and got ready to go have dinner at “Les Ombres” http://www.lesombres-restaurant.com/  a rooftop restaurant located near the Eiffel Tower. We took an Uber to the place (yes there is Uber in Paris!) during this ride I got to see the Eiffel Tower for the first time & let me tell you….I thought I was dreaming. It is as beautiful as I always imagined it to be.


Diner at “Les Ombres”:  Beautiful view, good service and good food. The best rooftop view you could ever imagine of the Eiffel Tower while enjoying a delicious dinner accompanied by a glass of champagne–it doesn’t get any better than that!  I specifically loved when the tower lit up I felt as if I was dreaming. (I am telling you Paris just had me thinking I was dreaming the whole time I was there.)  After dinner we went to the Moulin Rouge http://www.moulinrouge.fr/ show–One word to describe it: Magnifique. It was such an amazing show! The talent that each person has is out of this world. (Day 1- terminer)




Highlights of my next two days in Paris included: Walking about 10 miles around the city-exploring, finding places such as the Galleries Lafayette, Champs-Élysées, Grand Palace, Place Vendome, and the Louvre museum, The Tuileries Garden, Notre-Dame, Latin Quarter & many more.

Everyone was extremely nice. We made it to the Louvre (you could spend a whole day in there) we finally saw our girl la Jaconde.   Then we went to the Notre-Dame cathedral and had lunch at the Latin Quarter.  The crepes over there were absolutely amazing!

We decided to go back that night and get some dancing going (We indeed did) We had to end the night right therefore crepes 2am were calling our name!(NO SHAME) what better time to eat an authentic strawberry, banana and Nutella crepe than 2AM. Pro tip: eat as many crepes as you can!!

We got to go up the incredible Eiffel Tower (I literally wanted to cry so surreal) walk the Champs-Élysées, engage in some retail therapy at the Galeries Lafayette, drink some exquisite champagne, get the best view of Paris from the Grande Roue de Paris (Ferris Wheel), people watch at the Arc de Triomphe, eat some more croissants and pain au chocolat (Don’t forget to eat)  Can’t forget ending our lovely stay by having dinner right in front of the Eiffel Tower….just parfait! (I won’t go in more detail) But I will say this: Paris your romantic streets made me feel as if I was part of a movie every day, all the detailed architecture made me feel “at home”, your language made me fall more in love with you, your lights, your food and your people everything was MAGNIFIQUE and I will for sure be back! (Or better yet, can I move there already?)

Top things to do when in Paris:

  • Engage in some retail therapy at the Galeries Lafayette (I did!)
  • Walk the Champs-Élysées,
  • Go up or people watch at the Arc de Triomphe
  • Get lost in the Parisian streets
  • The Grande Roue de Paris

  • Go up the Eiffel Tower
  • Visit your girl, La Jaconde

  • Alexander III Bridge
  • The Pont Mirabeau And Its Statues
  • Montmartre
  • EAT: Croissants, CRÊPES, Pain au chocolat, Ice cream

  • DRINK: Champagne
  • Get you French speaking going (or at least try!)
  • Visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • Walk and find a place to eat and also dance at the Latin Quarter


Till next time Paris, 




Hey all! I wanted to introduce to you a series that my dearest friend Tania started “Girl Power” ;  I fell in love with the whole idea and photos the moment she introduced it to me.

I believe in today’s world it is very important to embrace ourselves. Most importantly, being a women in todays society could be a bit challenging. There are so many images and ideals of what the “perfect women” is but there’s no such thing. Accepting who we are, our looks and all is what makes us so unique and strong, be proud.

I think it’s finally that time for us to REALLY support and love; rather than discourage/compete with each other. Bringing others down doesn’t do much for you, so don’t do it. It’s simple support each other, be a better you, and live your life accomplishing it all–make those dreams a reality! That is the only way we will become better and will accomplish whatever it is that we want to do.


From left to right: Ariana Medina @sweetgalari , Brianna Skrivanic @briskrivanic, Sabrina Porrino @sabgina , Baily Cloonan @babybuuutt

We’re not told enough how unique and important we are, but it’s true! Being a women, we have so much pressure! Not only in the ‘work place’ but with how we present ourselves. No one taught us that life would be so judgmental. I’m not here to put pity on us but rather to say that being our natural, strong selves is the way to go! It is our time to embrace it and show that we are much more than what people think. Thats why this series really did grasp my attention. Therefore, I am truly grateful that Tania made her idea a reality. I know some of the girls that participated, and I am extremely proud of all of you.

I had the chance to sit with Tania and get some insight about this series. (Read below)

When did you start taking pictures?

T: I started taking photos in high school. One of my childhood friends was so passionate about it she made me want to give it a try, and I loved it! I took a photography class my senior year, but by then I was already familiar with the camera. Ever since then I’ve been taking photos when I have free time.

How did this project start?

T: This past fall semester I took a photography class where we had a portrait project to do.  I chose to take pictures of my dearest friends. My idea involved them just being in their tank tops and underwear, capturing them in my house; showing the relation they have with each other, but also capturing them as purely as I could.

I really wanted to just have fun with this, some shots were taken on my couch and stairway–with these I wanted them to look classy even though they weren’t fully dressed. 😉 I really did try to capture them as a whole; meaning that the viewer would be able to really see her entirely (pure, personality, body..etc).

My thought process for this shoot was much more elaborate then what was taken. I had to meet my friends halfway with what they felt they were confortable with. With that being said I worked with what I had and the results were good but I wasn’t truly satisfied. My professor encouraged me to take this even further and work on a series for my final. After doing much research and writing some ideas down I finally came up with a concrete idea. I wanted to expand this and turn it into a body positive series.


What was your motive for this series?

T: The four women I chose are close friends of mine. I chose them because they inspire me with how they carry themselves daily. My motive was to show these four women that they can inspire other women just as they inspire me–but also just to make them feel good. What I loved most was how natural the relationship was between these four; which made the shoot so much more enjoyable and easy to capture.

Where did this take place?

T: My vision from the very start was always indoors I really wanted a cozy environment. My house unfortunately didn’t have the look that I wanted so I called up my friend who lives in Brooklyn and asked him if I can use his living room for this series. After explaining to him what my idea was and with his roommates approval, it was a done deal!

Who are the girls that participated?

T: Like I mentioned before, I reached out to the girls whom I’m close to and admire.

What inspired you to do this?

T: Them. Girls who I see everyday or even girls who I just see once in a while, loving themselves. It’s one thing to see models ‘embracing’ themselves but when you see your local gal doing so, it’s just so much more inspiring!


How do you plan on influencing women in today’s society?

T: I’ve always been about encouraging girls to feel comfortable in their own skin even when I wasn’t.  I love making people feel good in general about themselves.To specify on your question; I will continue to remind women to always stay positive, stay true, love and embrace yourself but most importantly to NEVER discourage other women from anything because in the end we’re all on the same team.




Follow Tania: 

FLICKR: tania boghossian
TUMBLR: https://sanstitre01.tumblr.com
INSTAGRAM: @taniaaa_b






Wait… Can you actually believe it is 2017?! I clearly need to get used to writing 2017 on every document–Not going to lie I found myself going back to my work today to change the date. #Guilty.

Anyways, to all you lovely people out there I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

& With the new year comes??? New Year New MeRESOLUTIONS ? NO how about New year: same AWESOME me. Resolutions? My girl Leandra from man repeller wrote a lovely letter that I want to share with you.

(Read Below)


So now let’s NOT put so much pressure on ourselves to be “Perfect”, to lose weight to do this, that. How about we  just LOVE ourselves. Why? Because at the end of the day you are your biggest treasure and you have to take good care of yourself. How about we dedicate ourselves to the things that make us genuinely happy and surround ourselves with people that get the best out of you.

& don’t forget positive vibes attract positive vibes so don’t be negative… I know we all have those bad days but at the end of the day there is a solution for everything. KEEP GOING #YOUGOTTHIS 


LATE POST–Approaching 22…

& Here I am– Monday November 21st, 2016

Sitting here at the so called “Starbucks” cafe at my school (Still not sure how I feel about their cappuccino’s), listening to HAIM’s ratio station on spotify–Suddenly Royals by Lorde start to play … That song brings back memories from an eighteen year old Domenica. WOAH time flies! At eighteen I was in the transition of which path to take (regarding studies) dealing with my first boyfriend, & learning french– Oh the beauty of life.

Here I am–Now 21, sitting down finishing  my corporate finance memorandum (last assignment before thanksgiving break! YASSS) With one semester left before completing my Marketing degree. (Yup, I picked marketing–business marketing to be exact) I just registered to my last semester as an undergrad a couple of weeks ago, I am still trying to figure out how I feel about this– I know I should start applying to “Real Adult Jobs” #Adulting (SCARY!!–well the scary part is not finding anything..) Time to update my resume, write more cover letters, spend hours looking at postings on indeed and linkedin…I know I’ll  somehow end up reading some amazing Manrepeller post, I’ll continue with the job searching after I read those three posts I have favorited and bookmarked and after watching Shakira’s new music video. (DUH)

BIG PART of turning 22 in a couple of days is everything that I will be living and accomplishing at 22. I will be the second child to graduate from college! (*Celebratory dance*) I also want to start collecting those traveling stamps on my passport, (Cannot wait to start traveling the world)– I sure want to do things I haven’t been able to because of school–dedicate myself to the gym a bit more….not only that but just spend more time with my fan, friends, paint, adventure, join dancing classes again? who knows just enjoy what I’ve been trying to do for a while…ya know.


It really frustrates me when I see people not living and complaining about “life”–I do not want to be one of them.
P.s–I DONT really know where I was going with this post, but here ya go some of my thoughts delivered to the world.


(Beware–I started this post NOV21st–Somehow life got on the way. But here it is)


Thanks ma for that cake–*Domenica turns 3*


O C T O B E R has arrived!

October 1st is here! & Now I could finally sense the lovely smell of fall.  Streets, Instagram feeds and snapchat stories all screaming “FALL is here” and so are all those pumpkin flavored/themed items that all you pumpkin obsessed people consume.

With October comes the famous dilemma between ourselves about “what to dress up as for halloween?” or for me “what new pair of boots should I invest on.”

& all of you out there wondering what new activities to add on to your calendar this month (I know-Time to replace those beach days) I’ve got you covered:


  • October 4TH:  Meet Sophia Amoruso & get on her new book “Nasty Galaxy“–Only for all the #Girlbosses out there, I mean who would miss this chance?! 


  • For all you who haven’t done it yet-GO AND REGISTER TO VOTE!  You’ve still got some time. Registration Ends October 18th for New Jersey & October 14th for NYC


  • October 22nd: Catch a Phantogram Concert–Why not? What’s better than an evening filled with good tunes?  Get your tickets here!

          For more shows: Don’t miss out on amazing shows–Check this calendar out!


  • Want to enjoy a day away from the city and engage with some amazing sculptures and art? Take a trip to Storm King Art Center–I mean it is only the world’s leading Sculpture park and it is only about an hour away from NJ/NYC

Check it out before it is too late (or cold) -Storm King Info

  • All you WINE LOVERS out there! Yes YOU!  Take a trip to a near by Winery with your wine-lover friends (Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like wine?)


Check this one out!- Warwick Valley Winery

  •  CAN’T forget: Apple/Pumpkin picking?! Make it a fun adventure and go find the best pumpkin & apples out there (& don’t forget to share some of the apple pie with me!)

  • Feeling a tad bit more adventurous? How about a trip to Salem, Massachusetts? Not a bad idea–Known for its 1692 witch trials, during which several locals were executed for allegedly practicing witchcraft. (Fits perfect with this month!) Landmarks from this episode include the Witch House, the former home of a trial judge.  So why not give it a try?

  • Take advantage of the fall weather-and take a stroll at your favorite parks! Central Park is definitely not a bad idea; or if you want to switch it up a bit-The Brooklyn Botanic Garden isn’t a bad idea!

  • Lastly,go find a Halloween themed activity (Halloween parade in NYC perhaps?) & show off your creative/unique costume! 

Tips (To enjoying these activities) : Make sure you are accompanied by people who are all about having a good time (No bad vibes allowed!) & If you rather enjoy them by yourself go ahead & treat yourself to even a better dinner afterwards. (Who doesn’t love some time alone?)

Do not forget to leave your house with the right outfit (Check the weather)

& Do not forget to always check the hours of operations before leaving your place. (You don’t want to get there and see the doors closed!)

Other than that–You are all set! Now go and enjoy this new lovely month-Remember live day by day, and learn to take it all in. 

” Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Ferris Bueller’s Day Off








-Read on & see which trend this fashionista is loving right now!



Age: 26

What do you currently do? Junior  Product Writer for The Yoox Net-A-Porter Group

One word to describe your style? Eclectic

Tunes you listen to while getting ready? Depends the mood and where I’m going … Banks, Amy Winehouse, Adele or Santigold.  It just really depends!

Go-to style inspiration -Olivia Palermo 

Who was your first style icon? Sarah Jessica Parker 

What’s the one wardrobe essential you can’t live without?  I have an engraved gold necklace that I refuse to take off. It’s dainty and versatile for any and every occasion. 

Last purchase: Lace-up suede pointed flats from Zara ( can’t wait to break them in)

Favorite item of clothing  -Denim jackets will never go out of style 

Favorite clothing store  -Can’t go wrong with Zara

Favorite fashion designer -I currently want every single RTW in Rachel Zoe’s collection. Her clothing is always so effortless and well tailored

Must-have fashion item for the fall  -Velvet stacked sandals are a MUST for me

Most comfortable outfit -I always love a good mini dress and sneakers 

Most surreal fashion experience to date:  A few years ago I went on a tour of the Hearst building – nothing compared to meeting former EIC Kate White. 

In what ways do you experiment with your style?  I’m always up to a fun and quirky wardrobe update. I love layering and playing with proportions which can be tricky when you’re petite. 

Why fashion? Your favorite thing about fashion? Fashion is all about having fun and experimenting. It’s about creating your own brand. 

Trend you are loving right now  -I’m all about comfort… Platform sneakers and velvet stacked heels 

Shoes you can’t live without?  This is a tough one because I love love love my heels. However, my tan suede Pierre Hardy slides are life. By far the best investment. 

Favorite part of NYFW?  The streets are just filled with inspiration. Fashion week just adds so much more life and color to the city. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Be true to yourself and work hard for what you’re most passionate about.  -Don’t ever let labels and clothing define you, you’re the creator of your own trends. 



Meet the coolest, most awesome fashion girl out there. Enya & I met at my first Fashion internship experience (Intern at Veronica Beard) & ever since she has been killing the game! Enya is currently living in London and was just part of #London Fashion Week! 

Read on and see what’s her favorite part of New York Fashion Week 🙂


Name: Enya Hennings 

Age: 20 

What do you currently do?  Junior at Kent State, studying abroad in London 

One word to describe your style?  Ever-changing

Tunes you listen to while getting ready?  Come Down – Anderson .Paak

Who was your first style icon? Ugly Betty! In fact she inspired my entire involvement in fashion.

Last purchase -Nasty Gal Black Tall Leather Sock Boots 

Favorite item of clothing – Gold Trench Coat

Favorite clothing store -Asos 

Favorite fashion designer  – I love Erdem but also really appreciate designers like Vivienne Westwood and Moschino, who deconstruct formal fashion and add a generous helping of edge to runway. 


Must-have fashion item for the fall – Car wash pleated skirt 

Most comfortable outfit– Culottes and a striped jersey top 

Most surreal fashion experience to date: Attending Kanye West’s pre-presentation party in February 

In what ways do you experiment with your style?  I’m a big advocate of all black, but I can always appreciate and attempt to juxtaposition colors and patterns. My style varies so much though; some days it’s very refined and intentional, others it is  thrown together and a bit random. 

Why fashion? Your favorite thing about fashion?  Fashion, to me, has always been the most intriguing and dynamic form of art. My favorite thing is definitely watching a runway show come together start to finish. 


Mary Katrantzou S/S 17 at London Fashion Week 

Favorite part of NYFW?  The vibe of the city. It shifts into a more bravely fashionable cornucopia and everyone puts on the ritz.  I also really love the idea of a collectively awe inspiring moment. At fashion shows, people from high and low come to watch and be amazed by next season’s newest pieces. In a way, it unites people who are usually separated.  For a moment, everyone, from interns to famous figures, share in similar splendor, appreciation and excitement.  It’s kind of a beautiful way to break down our trademark fashion hierarchies, at least for 15 minutes.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Treat every experience like an opportunity.  It’s a little optimistic and a bit cliche, but even in the worst situations a life lesson can be found. 

Follow Enya on IG: en_hen_


Meet this amazing & beautiful lady who I am lucky to call my friend — Fabulous Cara & I met while working the Spring presentation for Veronica Beard.

Read on & see where & what she is up to now! (#Goals!) 🙂


Age: 22

What do you currently do? Wedding Style Assistant at BRIDES Magazine (Conde Nast)

One word to describe your style? Spontaneous

Tunes you listen to while getting ready? Whatever my roommates play; I have a very open mind. I love The Weeknd, though.

Go-to style inspiration: Anyone who is unapologetic for who they are, fun, and a tad over-the-top. Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele and Kanye West are great examples. Photographers like David LaChapelle and Tyler Shields also inspire my style. I love the fantasy, anything-is-possible element of their work and I try to incorporate that into how I dress.

Who was your first style icon? Hilary Duff – I still remember her August 2004 cover for Seventeen.

Favorite item of clothing: My black AG jeans. Jeans are normally tricky for me but they fit flawlessly. If it’s winter, my black mink coat because it makes me feel like a queen. Oh and of course anything Adidas.

Favorite clothing store: I don’t have one! I think great clothes can come from anywhere.

Favorite fashion designer: Olivier Rousteing. He understands our generation and is really in-tune with what is happening in the world. He is very inclusive as well. There’s a reason why everyone wants to be a part of his #BalmainArmy. Him and his clothes are the life of the party.

Must-have fashion item for the fall: A fabulous pair of boots that work with anything!

Most comfortable outfit: My cheetah print robe.

Most surreal fashion experience to date: Being on set of DuJour’s Fall 2014 cover with Katie Holmes. It was my first big shoot (and my first internship) and I remember thinking to myself that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I never wanted to leave the set. A close second was my first New York Fashion Week. A first of something is always exciting.

In what ways do you experiment with your style? I’m always thinking of how to make clothing unconventional and interesting. Whether that’s mixing prints, colors, patterns etc. or throwing something random on, I do aim to be different. Life is too short to wear boring clothes!

Why fashion? Your favorite thing about fashion? Fashion is all about dreams. Either that, or the people I’ve had the chance to work with. I truly believe that the most creative, brilliant, and amazing people are in this industry. I’m lucky to be a part of it.

Trend you are loving right now: Athleisure

Shoes you can’t live without? Adidas Superstars

Favorite part of NYFW? Celebrating the future! There’s an amazing energy in the city, especially during September.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? “Put your heart out on a platter and let people stab it.”



Meet Leah– I had the privilege of meeting this lovely lady & working with her during my summer internship at Net-A-Porter.  

-Read on & see what this fashionista has to say about the fashion world! 🙂

Name: Leah Roth

Age: 22

What do you currently do?  Product Writer at Net-A-Porter

One word to describe your style? Minimal

Tunes you listen to while getting ready? Rap or R&B

What’s the one wardrobe essential you can’t live without? A white tee

Last purchase- A pink American Apparel bodysuit

Favorite item of clothing- A pink faux fur jacket my parents got me for Christmas!

Favorite clothing store- Asos

Favorite fashion designer –Andre Courreges

Must-have fashion item for the fall  Suede over-the-knee boots and a good shearling

Most comfortable outfit – I try to get away with the most comfortable outfit I can wear to work every day — so ribbed-knit pants, a T-shirt and sneakers

Most surreal fashion experience to date: Attending the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

In what ways do you experiment with your style?  I’m not afraid to experiment with bold colors or textures. I think a lot of people are only willing to experiment with trendy silhouettes.

Why fashion? Your favorite thing about fashion? I love the fantasy element of fashion. One of my favorite things to do is look at beautiful editorial images. It’s transformative and allows you to imagine a life in the clothes.

Trend you are loving right now-  I’m loving the sporty stripe trend right now. I’m a tom-boy at heart.

Shoes you can’t live without?  White sneakers and black boots — always and forever

Favorite part of NYFW?   My favorite part of New York Fashion Week is the excitement of it all: the models, the set, the celebrities, editors, etc.


One of Leah’s favorite modern-day designers “Jacquemus”


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?  My High School English teacher once told us that if High School is the best years of your life, you’re doing something wrong. It reminds me to keep working hard and become the best version of myself — life should get better as you get older!

Follow Leah on IG:  @leahrroth


My Favorite time of the year – Hello New York Fashion Week!

Oh Hello September! As most of you know September marks the end of summer, everyone is getting back on track with school & ready for the fall. But for all  you fashionistas out there we know it is one of the MOST IMPORTANT months in fashion bringing us the newest collections by our favorite designers – New York Fashion Week #NYFW

Therefore, I want to dedicate this month to introduce some of the most fashionable ladies that are part of this amazing industry – not only are they trendsetters but they are #girlbosses that make things happen. I’ve had the privilege to get to know them as well as have worked with them and they have definitely made an impact in how I see the fashion industry today & for that I thank each one of you.

Now stay posted for my series of interviews with these lovely ladies.





Yes! It is art.


What better way for all you creative minds to spend your day off feeding your creativity (& right side of your brain) than by visiting awesome galleries, and museums in our favorite city (New York, of course)

One of my favorite things to do is explore and discover new interesting exhibits, and what better place to do it than NYC! This past summer I was able to visit Mr.Brainwash pop-up gallery “Life is Beautiful”, Yayoi Kusama “Give Me Love”, and the MOMA.  All of them AWESOME!

I recently visited the Whitney Museum, and some of my favorite Chelsea galleries where I found some very interesting exhibits!   I truly believe that everything has a form of art in it, and it is what makes everything uniquely beautiful.

& If you ask me…

My advice to having a good trip, and experience to these galleries and museums:

RULE #1:  Go with someone that appreciates art the same way that you do, or just enjoy and take it all in by yourself! Don’t let a bad/boring companion ruin your experience.

RULE #2: Go with an Open Mind… everything has its beauty and uniqueness.

RULE #3: I know we all love to take pictures, BUT… don’t be that annoying person who is only there to snap a pic.. .Learn from what you’re seeing, ask questions, take it all in.  There is beauty everywhere and there are so many things to learn every single day of our lives.

What I love-I love seeing how passionate people are at these places, how humans are able to create such creative and unique images, figures, pieces & how all of these inspire me in many ways.

Now don’t be boring! -Take advantage of where you live and go explore! There are so many places to explore, so many things to learn & a lot of interesting people to meet out there.

Some of my favorite places:

-Galleries in Chelsea

-Brooklyn & LES for street art

To explore:

-Cara Gallery-508 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011

-White box- 329 Broome Street (Between Bowery and Chrystie) New York, NY 10002

-The Hole-312 Bowery New York, NY 10012

-Catinca Tabacaru Gallery- 250 Broome Street New York, NY  10002

Need more oprtions- You MUST READ



Street Style: House of Vans

Introducing the most stylish peeps from our favorite warehouse party in BK! HOUSE OF VANS


Location: Greenpoint- Brooklyn. 25 Franklin Street Brooklyn, NY 11222

So let’s be real.

People go to HOV for multiple reasons….First of all who doesn’t like good music,art and free amenities?! We ALL do.

So let me explain (for those who don’t know) what House of Vans is:

There are a series of free summer concerts (House Parties) hosted by VANS located at a warehouse venue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Not only do you get a free music concert but you  also find yourself engaging into a direct art experience showcasing the cultural intersection of punk, hardcore, rap and skateboarding.


“It’s a place where imagination lets loose over concrete bowls, art installations, workshops and concert stages, inspiring every person who runs, rolls, or stomps through its door.” (HOV)

So now that you know what House of Vans is…Let me tell you about my experience!

I have been attending these summer series ever since last year, I absolutely love the whole concept of it. I love getting together with my friends to enjoy good music, to be surrounded by unique beautiful art, as well as being surrounded by some amazing creative and very stylish minds.

That being said, whenever I go into an event I am always attracted by the diverse fashion sense that is around me, & what better place to scout out the most stylish street style icons out there than Brooklyn.

Not only are they daring, unique and very interesting. They’re icons that dress for themselves and no one else. & The end let’s be real…Who cares what people say.

When it comes to fashion there are no rules- it is all about how good you feel wearing and rocking your outfit.

It is a beautiful form of self-expression, & I truly appreciate it all.

I had the chance to meet these stylish peeps- & I got to talk to them and find out how do they describe its own style:


Carol & Anisa @HOV June 29th.

Carol’s and Anisa’s style caught my attention because they both mix bohemian, comfortable and city lifestyle together and their result is absolutely perfect.

What I love: I absolutely love Carol’s whole outfit- But the details I am loving are the bandana around her neck (Totally digging this new trend…the new chocker maybe?) Her maxi dress paired up with her booties which give it a relaxed bohemian appeal, and city vibe.

  • Follow Carol @therealcarolgram          
  • Style: “SOHO”

What I love: I love how  good Anisa pulls the “Effortlessly cute and comfy outfit” She pairs up her striped mini dress with a pair of black new balance shoes which gives it a sporty but still city cool feel.  -(Side note pairing up your super cute comfy sneakers with a casual dress make for a perfect summer cool outfit.)

  • Follow Anisa @anisabenitez
  • Style: “Comfortable”

Kamau & Matt @HOV June 29th.

What I love: I love the details that Kamau adds to his outfit- I believe details are what can make or break an outfit! -The way he rolled up his pants at the bottom; translating his outfit to a summer feel. –White sneakers! YES YES YES. Also loving his short sleeved shirt (Definitely a summer staple for every guy!)

  • Follow Kamau @kjllkamel
  • Style: “Effortless fashion is the motto to live by and build on simple.”

What I love: I love how Matt keeps it classy but cool. Khaki pants are my all time favorite- You can pair them up with everything- a neutral color that could be used for everything.

  • Follow Matt @matt_patrick
  • Style: “Dress like you are going to a private beach.

Vickie @HOV June 29th.

What I love: I absolutely love how Vickie rocks this outfit- It is the definition of simple, effortless, and chic. Denim skirts are everything right now and what better way to pair it up with a white tee (Can never go wrong) Again- The bandana (Loving this trend)

  • Follow Vickie @viixen
  • Style: “Minimalist with a soft edge”

Morgan & Hannah @HOV June 29th.

What I love: I love Morgan’s high-waisted denim shorts with the two front pocket details, and of course how she keeps it cool with a graphic tee (definitely a summer staple- A cool chic graphic tee.) Her all black platform sandals- Such a great way to make any outfit. (I want them!)

  • Follow Morgan @_morganza_
  • Style: “Usually just let outfit choose me”

What I love: I am obsessing over Hannah’s boyfriends’ bomber jacket- adding a splash of color to her outfit. Platform sandals are an A+ for this summer! Her outfit brings the 90’s back.

  • Follow Hannah @hannahkinlaw
  • Style: “However I’m feeling”

Nancy Lu @HOV June 29th.

What I love: I completely love Nancy’s whole outfit. She does- Edgy, with an elegant touch and city feel. Obsessing over her off-the shoulders top and her super cute platform sandals. The color palette that she has going on it’s  perfect for every occasion; she stays with black which I mean…who doesn’t love black?!

  • Follow Nancy Lu @retroglo
  • Style: “Dark like my black heart”  “Monochromatic”

Juan @HOV June 29th.

What I love: Juan’s shirt-LOVE IT! He knows how to keep it fun and stylish. His printed shirt reminds me of a painting, giving it a very artsy touch to his outfit, and you can never go wrong with black skinny pants (just the right slim fit)

  • Follow Juan @peloton15
  • Style: “Adaptive”

Brianna @HOV June 29th.

What I love: Brianna’s outfit screams 90’s babe! I am obsessing over her cut out-studded booties, and her clear bag. She pairs up a graphic tee with denim shorts keeping it cool and giving it a rock and roll feel. I can’t forget the bandana-(once again!)

  • Follow Brianna @Briannableach
  • Style: “Angelic”

Karenna @HOV June 29th.

What I love: Karenna’s vintage inspired outfit is a #WinWin situation. Her vintage denim paired up with her pointed toe booties are my fav! I can’t forget her super cool necklace definitely adds an amazing last touch to her outfit.

  • Follow Karenna @karennakarenna
  • Style: “90’s”

Bea @HOV June 29th.

What I love: I like Be a denim overalls A LOT; details such as front buttons, and the ripped details by the knees. (A must-have addition to your closet) She keeps it simple pairing it up with cute black sandals (Definitely a summer staple.)

  • Follow Bea @bea_rubin
  • Style: “Whatever I find on the street”

Rita @HOV June 29th.

What I love: I love Rita’s pants-(Side note: Her mom brought those pants straight from Africa!) Her pants have a vibrant tropical print, the colors are my favorite and she pairs them up with metallic platform sandals and a crochet white top- Her outfit is perfect for any summer day-relaxed, but cute at the same time.

  • Follow Rita @lovelyritah
  • Style: “Comfy mom sexy”

Matt @HOV June 29th.

What I love: I love how Matt nails the skater-style, but at the same time he adds a smart touch to it making it a city cool, classy and smart outfit. ALL IN ONE. Details such as: Rolled out pants, and his polka-dot shirt paired up with high-top vans and backpack. Guys keep it simple & smart!

  • Follow Matt @matt_sally
  • Style: “I’m inspired by the skate and surf culture of California as well as the formal menswear style of New York”

What I love: I am obsessing over Grace’s light-pink bomber jacket. For all of you who don’t know; Bomber jackets are making a comeback! (They were all over the new Resort 2017 Collections!) She keeps it cool & stylish; such a city look! (Love it)

  • Follow Grace @gracesumm
  • Style: “Stylish but different from everyone else”


(P.S- I must share some styling tips for my new favorite trend-  The Bandana & the many ways you could use it!)


Your life is precious, You’ve only got one. Don’t waste it on bad relationships, on bad marriages, on bad jobs, on bad people. Waste it wisely on what you want to do.

-Eric Idle


(I could truly say I live by this or at least try to)

Let’s be honest… we’ve only got ONE LIFE —> It is up to us to make it a good one!

So why suffer from the past and from people who only spread negative vibes around you!? Go out there and do things for yourself that make YOU happy. (Stop pleasing others)

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.09.25 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.16.14 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.12.22 PM


I love waking up and going to a job that I am passionate about, working and being around positive people, and spreading good energy to everyone. BE GRATEFUL for what you have, and work towards what you want to achieve…It’ll make you the happiest YOU





INTERN 101-Backstage Access at AW’16 Veronica Beard Presentation

So.. did I mention I love fashion? & wait did I also mention I love New York City?!

Fashion + NYC = The Best of BOTH worlds

I had the amazing opportunity to be a public relations intern for Veronica Beard. (Loved every minute of it)  I interned the past fall semester of 2015, and came back to help out with their AW’16 presentation this past February.
Not only did I get to experience what really goes on behind all those perfect shows, photo shoots, and what it takes to make every collection unique..but I also got to meet and work with amazing, unique individuals who share the same passion and goals as me!
For all of you who don’t know about Veronica Beard
Let me introduce it to you; I promise you’ll fall in love (Just like I did!)
 “Veronica Beard is an elevated American sportswear brand that strikes the balance between classic and cool.
Veronica Miele Beard & Veronica Swanson Beard are sisters-in-law who launched their eponymous brand in the Fall of 2010 with their signature Dickey Jacket. Today Veronica Beard offers a modern perspective on iconic staples and results in a ready to wear collection that is hard-wired for real life.”
I had the privilege to work along amazing, hard-working individuals who give in 100% and more at making this the most magical and elegant presentation.
The Veronica Beard Fall 2016 Presentation took place at the High Line Hotel in Chelsea.
Fall 2016 Gypsy Caravan Collection is inspired by the road ahead, the places she will go, and the memories she will make.
 I have put together a clip of what it is to be part of this awesome experience and how a perfect presentation comes to live!

Stop acting like you live twice.

Hi world, D here to share some thoughts.

Today marks the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

It is very sad that it takes an event like today to make us remember that we are here momentarily.  (& yes, I am guilty of this)

Let me ask you—At any moment today did you stop and think “What if life ended today”

–          Are you living the life you would want to be living? The answer to this question most likely is no right? Let’s be honest, most of us are too busy to even think about the life that we would want to be living.

–          I get it..we all need to work for a living, unless you are rich. But we could easily make work feel more like something that you look forward to attending every day, a place where you go to make a difference.  Your attitude is everything here.

–          Are you actually building meaningful relationships and cherishing the amazing people that are part of your life? Go — Tell that person how much they mean to you, tell that person how much you love when they do certain things, and tell that person that you LOVE them!  Your family and friends are the ones that really make life better.

–          Are you trying new things, reading a new book, eating your favorite foods, taking a moment to take it all in, breathe and ultimately LIVE?

Trust me – I do not mean to sound cliché…

But really stop and think for a bit, re-evaluate what you are doing, what you have, how you are approaching your situation and know that the only thing that you can’t fix is death, therefore let’s start to approach life differently and try making a small or big change every day.

The beauty of life is the adventure that comes to achieving “Your perfect life” (If that is even a thing) the ups and downs, the challenging days and the easy ones…it is all about the journey that comes with. I think that my goal and perhaps yours is to make the best of it.

I am slowly realizing that sometimes I can’t take life too serious, lately I find myself constantly reminding me that I am 23 years old and that mistakes happen, no one is perfect.  That is when I realize that I need to slow down and take a look at what I’ve accomplished, and take a look at the people that I have in my life – I am one lucky and blessed individual!  I am also reminded to start doing more of the things that put a smile on my face.  Life is too short not to.

Ultimately, I want you to realize that we are here momentarily and we might as well make the best of it.

Take a moment to be grateful you are here, here is not forever.

Thanks for getting through my thoughts….


Have you heard? PASSION

Let me ask you a question.         What is your passion in life? 

Do you recall meeting someone and  immediately being able to see and feel the passion they have? (It is easily transmitted..) 

I know it doesn’t really happen often but when you see it, it is actually pretty amazing.  It actually makes me genuinely happy.  

Why? Because it is easily transmitted and it encourages people to find theirs.  (At least that is what it does to me) 

When you have that passionthat spark for something or even someone….DO hold on to it and don’t let it go.       & You know what?  Strive for more. 

I am so inspired when I meet a person that genuinely transmits a love for life and what they do. & I know not everything is unicorns and rainbows but that passion is what keeps them going.

There is just so much more eagerness for life..You see it through the spark in their eyes.   

It pushes me to keep going and to find my true passion.   It is such a refreshing energy. 

I am not here to write motivational sentences. But I am here to express concern about the amount of people that I meet that have no passion or no spark and are just easily conforming into their passion (less) life.

It makes me really sad to see people that go on with their lives not finding anything that provides them that spark that is needed in life. It just doesn’t make sense.  Let’s think for a bit? We can easily change the way we think, we can easily change an unhappy position. We have such a short amount of time here..why do we settle when we are not at our fully 100% happy state? 

& do not get me wrong.. Do I have it figured out? I do not. But as the days go by.. I take each day as another opportunity to learn more, to live life with passion no matter what life brings.  Maybe we should all try it…slowly but surely we will find it. 


Writing today to discuss one of my top pet peeves– SMALL TALK.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I personally do not enjoy small talk.  I mean I get it sometimes small talk could be utilized to avoid other topic of conversations….but I truly find it somewhat a bit meaningless or awkward.

As time passes by and I encounter myself in many more social situations where there is always that one person that doesn’t know how to start meaningful conversations (Keyword-Meaningful)  or what to talk about…..Ex:  “Wow it’s cold outside” or “It’s snowing out”    Yes I know, I could see that…tell me more 🙂

How about we try engaging in more meaningful conversations. How about you tell me about your best last experience shopping, dining, traveling. How about we talk about more current topics, or perhaps what your future plans are.  How about you tell me about the last best tunes you heard and you suggest new artists. How about we talk about the last art show you went to and you suggest new places to go.

Just conversations that are filled with great information, or discussion topics or conversations that have “juice” and get your mind going.  My question is — Is society getting 100% lost in social media? Are people educating themselves? What are people doing during their free time?

Anyway, I’ve said enough & I’m sure you get the why small talk is a pet peeve of mine. (You get the point)

Therefore, I actually wanted to share some of my favorite information platforms, resources, or where I get my “juice” from  —

I have subscribed to most of these, if not I pay a regular visit to their page —

TED-  Ideas worth spreading. https://www.ted.com/

I LOVE TED talks. You cannot go wrong — search any keyword, whatever it is that you want to hear about and you will find an “idea worth spreading”  (See what I did there..)

Check out the last videos I watched:

The surprising habits of original thinkers: 

& The Happy Secret For Better Work:

ManRepeller https://www.manrepeller.com/

This newsletter/site has fashion and all lifestyle the way you want to hear it. Love it! Plus their founder Leandra Medine is pretty brilliant.

Read: What the Pit in Your Stomach Is Trying to Tell You

Girlboss – https://www.girlboss.com/

From the awesome Sophia Amoruso and her amazing background you only get the best career, financial, life tips you want and need.

p.s. their podcast is magnifique!

Read: 4 Pieces Of Basic Money Advice You Can’t Afford To Ignore

The Journal – http://www.mrporter.com/journal

This site is full of fresh content, content that you and I could totally relate to.


Coveteur http://coveteur.com/

The newsletters are filled with fashion, travel and much more. Can’t ever go wrong


Lastly- I like LinkedIn for a daily run down of current topics, Forbes, TIME.

& for your phone: Flipoard is the way to go! Their slogan says it all: “News For Our Time”

Thanks for reading — Hope you find one that you really like, and next time you encounter yourself in a small talk situation — get out of it with a killer smart convo.

Who knows where you’ll end up after that..


C H A N G E.

What does it mean?

Does the word scare you, excite you?

What comes to your head when you think of it?

What is that immediate thought that you get when you hear the word C H A N G E?

I know we all have a different meaning of the word; but here I am to give you my personal input– (If anyone cares)

First of all– Yes it could be scary (at first)–but don’t let fear win!

Second, embrace it & when I say embrace it I really mean it.  I know you are probably tired of hearing “Change is always good”

And you know what–I am not one to preach about that. I just needed to write about this topic because I know it’s a topic/phase that we all go through and sometimes or most of the time it’s good to talk about it.

Change for me has been a challenge; it has been good, it has been bad, but change is change and you know what that means? -it means you are becoming a better version of yourself in every way.

Why? Because you are being exposed to something that you’ve never been familiar with

What change means is you are getting out of your comfort zone to experience new things, to live new things.

Imagine yourself being trapped in the same situation every single day–Not cool right?

Change is something that (brightens up) or (shakes up) your life–It comes like a package:

What does it include?

  1. A slight feeling of fear
  2. A slight feeling of excitement
  3. A slight feeling of anxiety
  4. A slight feeling of pressure
  5. A slight feeling of happiness
  6. A slight feeling of sadness

Let’s just say it is a mix of many feelings but the outcome of this is: A crazy immediate rush that you feel in your body and it’s great!

It’s great to be scared sometimes; life wouldn’t be what it is if it didn’t have components like these

Once change has been accepted; you will notice what a great difference that it makes in your life. This is the time that you learn from yourself the most, you see an outcome. You see something different–NEW!

You see a different and improved version of yourself & most of the time you start living

You leave behind your trapped self in an old situation–It is all about living in the present, learning, growing and accepting change.