Stop acting like you live twice.

Hi world, D here to share some thoughts.

Today marks the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

It is very sad that it takes an event like today to make us remember that we are here momentarily.  (& yes, I am guilty of this)

Let me ask you—At any moment today did you stop and think “What if life ended today”

–          Are you living the life you would want to be living? The answer to this question most likely is no right? Let’s be honest, most of us are too busy to even think about the life that we would want to be living.

–          I get it..we all need to work for a living, unless you are rich. But we could easily make work feel more like something that you look forward to attending every day, a place where you go to make a difference.  Your attitude is everything here.

–          Are you actually building meaningful relationships and cherishing the amazing people that are part of your life? Go — Tell that person how much they mean to you, tell that person how much you love when they do certain things, and tell that person that you LOVE them!  Your family and friends are the ones that really make life better.

–          Are you trying new things, reading a new book, eating your favorite foods, taking a moment to take it all in, breathe and ultimately LIVE?

Trust me – I do not mean to sound cliché…

But really stop and think for a bit, re-evaluate what you are doing, what you have, how you are approaching your situation and know that the only thing that you can’t fix is death, therefore let’s start to approach life differently and try making a small or big change every day.

The beauty of life is the adventure that comes to achieving “Your perfect life” (If that is even a thing) the ups and downs, the challenging days and the easy ones…it is all about the journey that comes with. I think that my goal and perhaps yours is to make the best of it.

I am slowly realizing that sometimes I can’t take life too serious, lately I find myself constantly reminding me that I am 23 years old and that mistakes happen, no one is perfect.  That is when I realize that I need to slow down and take a look at what I’ve accomplished, and take a look at the people that I have in my life – I am one lucky and blessed individual!  I am also reminded to start doing more of the things that put a smile on my face.  Life is too short not to.

Ultimately, I want you to realize that we are here momentarily and we might as well make the best of it.

Take a moment to be grateful you are here, here is not forever.

Thanks for getting through my thoughts….



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